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Upstream and Update

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You forked something, cloned it to your machine, but didn’t setup remote connection to the origin repository.

git remote add upstream *url to original repository*
git fetch upstream
git merge upstream/master

Decode Object Oriented Design

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OOD has been around since mid 60’s. The concept didn’t really pick up untill early 90’s with C++. It’s receiving a lot of attention in Rails/Ruby community as well. The concept might appear hard to understand, but it’s important. Below, I have attempted to collected resources and statements that suppose to make it clear to me.

7 Easy Steps to Start With TDD

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1:00 pm - TDD is a very useful tool in software development…

3:30 pm - Test driven development or TDD can be extremely frustrating, time consuming and sole devouring experience.

6:00 pm - Be patient. Like a sorority club, TDD will put you through a tidious initiation ceremony. Once, accepted, you will be able to produce a much cleaner code and improve your style.